Overview of how to start your own TV show or channel on cable

Using ‘leased access’ you can have your own half-hour show once a month, or operate a full time 24/7 TV station, captive to local cable.  This can be on any subject with the cable operator  prohibited from any degree of control over your content except to not air that which could be ‘lewd or obscene’.

A ‘rule of thumb’ for the cost of airtime secured via ‘leased access’ and based on one site with three different ‘time of day’ categories is,  per thousand : 32 cents per hour 12 to 6am; 60 cents per hour, 6am to 6pm and $1.32 per hour, 6pm to 12am.  Additional expenses will be a $1,000,000 Media Perils insurance policy and usually a ‘per show’ fee to insert the content into the channel.

Our firm has an affiliate program that provides local carriage by exercising ‘leased access’ covered under our insurance and, if needed, the infrastructure to have less expensive inserts as well as ‘live TV’ capability. Our affiliate program can not only save you on actual expenses but we handle any and all problems that may arise with the cable operator.

That’s ‘leased access’ on cable in a nutshell. (www.leasedaccess.org)

We also use and promote an online video program that includes your own Internet TV channel that can be scheduled just as networks on cable; your own video channel, branded for you and with no third party ads as with YouTube, Vimea, Ustream and other free video hosting services competing for your visitors.

We use your own Internet TV channel to transmit shows that air simultaneously on the Internet and cable.

If you think you’re interested in either local commercial cable or Internet TV or both, please email where you are, where you would want to be on cable, what length show(s),  (half, full hour or?), how many times a month, week or day and any questions and I’ll provide details.

It is far easier to start your own show and probably far less expensive than you may think.

StogTv is the proprietary production arm of StogMedia, a nationwide provider of commercial airtime on local cable sites using a little known U.S. law that requires all cable sites to provide carriage to independent programmers.